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TEAHOUSE.BG is family owned business.

Away from multinational environments, long waiting procedures and typical discussions, we treat our customers the way we would treat our friends.

Respect and appreciation in all customer relations is our MOTO.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the TEA industry and try to implement this experience in our everyday business, in order to prove to our customers the benefits a small routine may have in their daily life – how to prepare and enjoy a cup of tea.

Main origin country of our products is Sri Lanka, a country that you can find sincere “full teeth” smiles, a country that loves tea. Our suppliers feel responsible for every product they provide us, in order all customers to recognize the superior quality of CEYLON Tea.

Our vision is to offer, along with the best quality products, the best possible service for our customers. Build relationships that will last and will bring joy to our customers when interacting with TEAHOUSE.BG.

All our business mentality is based on a completely different philosophy to the one you can find in other companies of our industry.

Based on Zen Philosophy, we invite all our customer to learn our principles.

Our employees are our family. Members within a family treat each other with respect, recognizing the role of each one and acting with positive attitude. Similarly, we treat all members of our company. After all, we all spent more time each day with our colleagues than with our family – in working days at least…

For TEAHOUSE.BG keeping its original attributes and its character, is the most important characteristic, since we never forget where we come from…

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